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The Nest Nanny Placement Packages

Nannies are scheduled and reserved well in advance and typically 1 to 3 months before care is needed. There will be guidance and support to the parents with informative information to make the best decision. We are here to help with a smooth transition with your Nanny becoming a part of your family. Family creates the benefits package such as paid time off, holiday, etc. Family sets the Nanny’s hours and pay rate with the suggestion of salary based on the caregiver’s education and/or experience.

The Nest Nanny Placement Package $500 - (Replacement option within the first 30 days) A NON-REFUNDABLE $250.00 fee will be required to start the process. This initial fee can be submitted once you are sent an invoice after our initial consultation. When our office receives your payment, you will receive personalized links to documents such as an Informative Contract, Compatibility and Parenting Style Questionnaire and Medical/Allergy Information and Authorization Form and more. Those forms will also be used to help complete the Nanny Handbook your nanny will receive. Your initial fee will be credited towards the total balance due of $500. The remaining balance will be due before finalizing your contract with your new employee.

With all services, you choose:

Your nanny

Your schedule

The start date

The daily task

The pay/salary


We ensure you receive support at every step.


Completion of the following documents that are included in your package is optional if the parent chooses to forgo we only encourage the completion of the Nanny Agreement:



Application Fee (non-refundable)


Confidential Consultation


Customized Job Description


Active Recruiting for your Job Description


Extensive Candidate Screening including Internet Screening, Personal Interviews, Background and Reference Check.


Verification of First Aid and CPR Certification (if applicable)


Social Security Number Trace


National Criminal Databases Search


Sex Offender Registry Search


Assistance with Scheduling and Salary Negotiations


Compatibility and Behavioral Questionnaire


Professionally Drafted Nanny Agreement


Professional Drafted Confidentiality Agreement


Customized Nanny Handbook. Includes supportive documents.


Meeting and Greet

You can select Nannies to have meet and greets with, consider it a second interview in person!

Paid Working Interview (Optional)

You can select Nannies to have working interviews to see them hands on with your child(ren).



Days guarantee replacement period

Nanny replacement, if needed, within the agreed designated days from the first day of employment.


Placement fees are subject to change.

Replacement Policy

*If for any reason the first nanny you hire does not turn out to be the best fit within your package period, we will use reasonable effort to find a replacement nanny for you at no additional cost.


*No replacement nanny will be offered after the second replacement nanny without the full appropriate placement fee.


*We do not offer refunds for temporary placements, under any circumstances.


*It is the agency's privilege to use their discretion on whether a replacement nanny will be provided. If the agency agrees to provide a replacement nanny, there will be no additional fee to Client. If the second placement is not successful, the Agency does not have an obligation to fulfill the Client's need for a nanny. The client understands and agrees that they are responsible for contacting and speaking directly to a representative of The Nest, to inform the agency of any situation that may cause a nanny to resign or if there is any possibility of the nanny not working with the family. However, it is not an obligation of the agency to send a replacement nanny to the family.


The Agency's obligations under this agreement shall be null and void if: (I) payment is not made in accordance with our Agreement, (II) the Client alters the Nanny’s job description from that which the Client expressed in its family application and contract for a Nanny, and such alteration causes the Nanny to resign; (III) the Client chooses to replace the Nanny and the second Nanny resigns or is terminated: (IV) the Nanny resigns due to illegal activity, witnessing or observing substance abuse or acts of moral turpitude within the Client's household.

Sitting Child

 Solo services

Family Consult - $100

Providing support through consultation for parents and families of infants, toddlers, and school age children. Hiring a nanny can be a scary process. What should you ask during the interview process? What should you ask when calling references? What are the legalities regarding pay and taxes? What are industry standard benefits? If you are looking to hire a nanny and want insight into the process, we help answer those questions and concerns!

Consult and Screening - $150

Hiring a nanny is a process usually fraught with anxiety. Ideally, you want someone who shares your ideas on child rearing - everything from feeding times, play dates, naps, and discipline. It is a big decision! We can help you navigate the nanny screening process with consultation and support.


Background Checks only - $75

Hiring a caregiver is a big decision, let us help give you a peace of mind. Background checks can help ensure you are hiring a trustworthy nanny to care for your child and to keep them safe. Gathering as much information as possible about a potential caregiver will help you make an educated and informed hiring decision.

Background Checks and Reference Checks - $100

Background screening is a good starting point to screen a nanny, but checking references is a critical step in the screening process. References can give your insight into the nanny's personality, work ethic, good qualities, and bad ones that you would not gain from a written application or interview with the nanny. Let us go the extra mile for you!

The Nest Connection - $200

With The Nest Connection we do the scouting for you! You will receive a list of 10 individuals that fit within your detailed description of a caregiver needed. We will ensure that these potential candidates reflect all the skills, experiences and education you are looking for. Profiles, resumes and contact information will be exchanged and we work as a connecting bridge for you and the potential nannies. Once you receive your Nest Connection Package you're all set to contact and interview and find your ideal caregiver. Background and reference checks can be conducted for an additional fee.

The Nest Advertisement - $50

With our advertisement on your behalf to different platforms and employment sites you will receive all inquiries to further your nanny search. This budget friendly option gives our clients the option to explore a list of available nannies and choose the best plan for their family. Background and reference checks can be conducted for an additional fee.  

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