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Live-In or Live-Out Nannies

A live-in nanny is a nanny that generally works 40+ hours a week and lives in your home. A live-in nanny must have their own bedroom and own bathroom. Most live-in nannies live in a separate part of the house (separate floor, finished basement suite or guest house). A live-in nanny has a set schedule; they are NOT a 24-hour caregiver. Most families prefer a live-in if they have the extra space and/or may need a nanny for odd or long hours.

A live-out nanny would be a perfect choice for a "typical" family. A full-time, live-out nanny would generally work 30-50 hours a week and a part-time nanny would generally work between 15-30 hours per week.

Happy Mother with her Child

 We’ll find the best nanny for your family

Our nannies provide a nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment that allows your child to grow. One of the great things about the nanny relationship is that it is completely customizable.

You can really make this relationship work for you, your child, and your needs. We seek to ensure a seamless fit and one that will only enhance the day to day of your home.

Our extensive background check package, including the following: 

Internet Screening, Personal Interviews and Reference Check

Social Security Number Trace.

Sex Offender Registry Search.

Nationwide Criminal Databases Search.

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