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Family Time

    Family   Assistant

Busy parents tend to delegate more tasks to Family Assistants so they can spend quality time with their children. Family Assistants are helpers for both the children and the family! These multi-tasker support the parents with keeping the home running smoothly: 


Driving children to school, appointments, and activities.

Light housekeeping and keeping things tidy and organized.

Running errands and household supply shopping.

Preparing healthy meals for the family.

Helping children with homework.

Managing the family calendar.

Scheduling repairs and service.

Laundry, dishes, de-cluttering.

Assisting with travel plans.

Assist with pet care.

And more!

Help with Cooking

Here's your answer!

As a busy Chicago Area Family at times you might feel you could use a second set of hands!  

A family assistant provides childcare as well as personalized care that your families needs! Whether it be driving children, cooking, pets needs, etc. They are positive, flexible, and look for opportunities to jump in to keep your life running smoothly.

Doing the Dishes
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