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Father and Son Baking

     Coming Soon

Enrichment Specialists

   Cooking Instructor

Our domestic staff instructors will help your Jr Chef learn how to cook up fun and exciting age appropriate recipes!  All classes will temporarily be offered online by our amazing chefs. 

Kids in Technology Class

Learn STEM 

Learning STEM helps promote thinking outside of the box and encourage critical thinking, inquiry, problem solving and creativity. Our STEM kits are perfectly suited for your child's desire to explore!


Art Class

Art Studio

Your little artist can experiment with various colors, textures and smells while learning to explore with their imagination. Our Art kits will help your child tap into their creative side!


Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Music and Movement

All classes will temporarily be offered online.

Our instructors do an amazing job of incorporating music with storytelling, singing and movement. With a sprinkle of percussion instruments you are in for a great time!

Music Class
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