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Nest Sitter's Rates, Booking Fee Subscription, and Cancellations Policy 


All Nest Sitters provide occasional care as needed.

Sitter's Hourly Compensation


Expective July 1, 2024, The Nest Sitter rates will be as follow:


1 child- $25

2 children $27

3 or more children $30


Additional rates may be discussed for groups of 4 or more children.

The agency booking fee is separate from what you pay the sitter hourly.

Agency Booking Fee- $30 per sitter booking. 

Requests for services should be submitted one week in advance but accommodations for short notice care can and will be attempted.

All booking fees are non-refundable.


*Once a confirmation receipt is received, you are all set!

Company policy is to not share the Nest Sitter's personal contact information until a payment has been secure. We do not release the Nest Sitters personal contact information until they need to confirm with and introduce themselves to a family before an assignment. Your invoice must be paid in full to secure access to a sitter.

*Repeat sitters MUST be requested through our agency and not personally contacted.​

If sitters are contacted personally, our services will no longer be available to you and the sitter employment will be terminated.

Sitters will now be paid directly in cash or by Zelle daily at the end of the babysitting assignment. Gratuities are up to the family’s discretion.

Prices, rates and booking fees are subject to change.

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