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  NEST Sitter

The Nest offers short term childcare with our Nest Sitters. If it's date night or an occasional one-time childcare need, we have you covered. Even if your normal caregiver is unavailable or sick, we are here for you. The Nest Nannies and Sitters provides the easiest hassle-free way for parents to get reliable and consistent childcare. You can now have complete peace of mind knowing that a local babysitter will look after your children at any time needed, even in the event of an emergency.  

When we receive a request, we run a search of our pool of prescreened candidates to find a suitable match for your needs. Once we secure a Nest Sitter for your assignment, we will send you a confirmation.

If the Nest Sitter has not worked with your family before, this confirmation will include information about the their background and experience, and she will call to introduce herself before the scheduled assignment.

While we cannot guarantee that the same Nest Sitter will be available for each assignment, we will do our best to fulfill that request.

You may request a Nest Sitter by completing our online request form.

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We're Here For You

Need a date night? Have you always wanted to take a class, but you don’t have access to a babysitter? Staying at a hotel for an event and need a temporary caregiver? Whatever your circumstance may be, our pre-screened professional babysitters are available to babysit and provide services to cover your childcare needs. 

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Did You Know


The Nest Sitters...

-All are age 20+ and have reliable transportation.

-1+ year of childcare experience.

-All are Covid vaccinated.

-All Sitters background checks are conducted with Checkr.

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